Monday, April 28, 2008

Fox 5 Messes with my Head

I love watching my TV infotainment in the morning. And, Fox 5 in NY is my favorite station. But I have a problem with it. I seem to develop an emotional attachment to the on air personalities. I need to get my soft news from Jodi Applegate and her co-anchor. She's been through quite a few since I started watching. The latest was Ron Corning. He just disappeared. At least with some of the team, they announce that they are leaving. I just tune in hoping to see Ron, and I see some other guy. The weather, man, Mike Woods (who I think the Crotchety Old Lady has a secret crush on)
has been around for a long time. The traffic reporter and the other woman--who doesn't get a title, I guess, seem to last longer than co-anchors. The field reporters have a longer shelf life, but even they just disappear with no notice.

I hate when that happens.

Traffic Reporter Ines Rosales



Unknown said...

I TOTALLY know what you mean!

I watch it EVERY morning before work. It's part of my routine. I wake up at 6am, give myself an hour to relax, drink coffee, eat my oatmeal, get my lunch ready, and watch the news.

If Mike, the weather guy, leaves the show, I am not watching anymore! It was bad enough the blond guy left. I JUST started watching the news, because I started my job and they use to make me laugh. Especially, when they were dancing...hahaha....

But after the few changes I've been switching back and for with CNN Headlines. They are entertaining as well.