Sunday, April 20, 2008

I like the Pope as much as the next guy, but...

does he have to be on nearly every channel?

Sure, it was a big deal that His Holiness came to NYC, but he was on my cable system in the NY market, channels 2,4,6,7,9,11, and 68. At the same time. Who knows, he may have been on even more, I just got tired of checking the other ones on the dial. And the worst part of it all? He was simply getting on his plane, Shepherd One.

And what surprised me also is that it was an Alitalia plane. I thought the Pope had his own plane. Even John Travolta has his own plane, and the Pope is the top man in a bigger religion, while Travolta is what, a uber Theton or something like that? Should be no contest. But the Pope does have the cooler ride, that must count for something, I suppose.



Kate said...

I was right there with ya. When they pre-empted Aliens in America because his departure went long I flipped out. I had been watching on mute and flipping between that and the YES network's interview with Larry David, and when it was finally over I took the mute off thinking they'd switch back but no. Then we had to have ten minutes of talking heads spouting on about how the flight crew just looked so excited to have him on board. I mean are you kidding me? Yeah, he's the biggest Catholic around, but what real power does he have anymore? It's like imaginary power anyway.

Babchi said...

Amen Kate! What the heck? I am so respectful of devout Catholics, but STAY HOME POPE. The amount of money spent on security, the inconvenience caused with traffic jams, etc...yeah he is a head of state, but no other head of state gets this much pomp and circumstance. So how many priests will stop abusing children now? And how many heathens will turn to Jesus? What about those catholic school teachers being paid crap? I want to send him a bill.