Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gawd, I love Bollywood

I just watched Dhoom2 (available from Netflix) and I truly love Bollywood movies. Just something about them that is hard to describe. First, the movies are long. Bollywood films generally give about 25% more movie for your money. This one was 2 hours and 15 minutes. And it was loaded with action, beautiful women, and according to the Crotchety Old Lady, very handsome men. (Direct quote from her--"My, isn't he fit!)
One thing that must be understood to really appreciate a Bollywood film is that it really doesn't flow like an American or Hollywood one. Dhoom2 started out with a daring robbery to set the tone and introduce the thief, and an equally exciting, (re: unbelievable) introduction of the police officers on the case. A drug deal broken up by, hell, you have to see it to believe it. Just as we settled in for a good old-fashioned spy/action/thriller/police movie --Bam--a dance number.

In case anyone had thought it made sense at that point, well, no, it didn't. Other scenes just randomly put in involved a basketball game in the pouring rain, a ride in a dune buggy on the freeway, and a few more dance numbers. The plot is pretty unbelievable, sort of a love story, sort of a mystery.

I give up. The only genre it fits is Bollywood entertainment. But somehow, the movie works. It is really entertaining, if long. But I stayed awake during it, which is more than I can say about most movies. I love Bollywood movies. Have I mentioned that before?

Here's one of the female leads, Bipasha Basu



Babchi said...

When I was very young, song and dance movies were very popular. Once in a while a movie comes out that touches my desire to dance! Bollywood movies are here to find that part of me that still loves to boogey...a little corny, but lots of fun!