Thursday, April 24, 2008

Giving some love to the Red Sox

It may be the cold medicine talking, but I realized recently that the Sox have a second player I don't hate. This may not seem like big news to anyone, but I have hated the Sox since my first game as a Crotchety Little Kid waaaaay back in 1961. And since then I have hated every player except Manny. I still want him to strike out every single at bat versus the Yankees, of course, but I don't hate him. I may even admit that I like him. Guy just makes me LOL.
But I did say a second player exists.

Sean Casey, back up infielder/DH was just mentioned on Mike and Mike the other day as being a really good guy. This made me happy because the Crotchety Old Lady and I met him when he was a rookie with the Indians. He was a really nice kid from South Jersey, and we have kind of watched his career over the years. It's good to know he is still a decent guy. I hope he does well, but not so well as to ever cost the Yankees a game.

It was nice to see the shirt that the moron buried in the new Yankee Stadium has raised some serious change for the Jimmy Fund. It ended at $175,000. Good to see some positive coming out of the actions of an idiot. Most actions don't have such a happy ending.


savvy said...

nice to see you give some love to the Red Sox. In addition to Manny and Sean Casey (who I am also a big fan of; he seems like a good clubhouse fit and a pro's pro. He does his job and he does it well and consistently so. But how about ddddddddddddddddddddd