Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I need to know what is up with those things where I have to sign in or sign up and leave a comment at MySpace, eBay or various other places. It will say to type in the following code. What the hell is it? I can barely make out the letters.

Is that Pi, then some Greek letters, and an ankh? I don't even have those keys on my computer. I totally understand the logic, but why are the letters so damn hard to read? The other day, I had to guess 3 times before I finally got a letter pattern I could read.

I should be able to leave a comment without studying Egyptian or Sanskrit first.

Just sayin'.


Kate said...

Word. Happens to me ALL the damn time.

Nicole said...

it is the most annoying thing ever. i usually have to try 3 times as well.

renata said...

Too ridiculous - these things need to be legible to the human eye!