Monday, April 21, 2008

Our health care system in this country is perfect as is

Just ask anyone with full benefits and a $10 co-pay. But for so many others, it's not so hot. I have an online friend who has failing kidneys. She is on the transplant list, but was just told she will not get the operation because she can not afford to pay for the drugs she will need after the operation for the rest of her life. These meds she needs are not covered by Medicaid. But let a f'ing crackhead need heaven knows what for as long as can be, and all is well. What the hell is wrong with anyone who does not see this as a system that is in serious need of something being done?

I don't know the answer. I have no idea how to solve the health care situation, but I do know saying it's the best in the world is a bunch of claptrap.

Right now, I am paying over a thousand dollars a month for insurance (not particularly good insurance at that) and medication and various and sundry items. Based upon what I have paid so far, including a couple expenses I doubt I'll have again this year, I expect to pay out over $16,000 in health care costs, just for me. If I worked and made minimum wage, that would be about my entire paycheck, if I got some overtime. How can these people survive?

It pains me to no end to see that 4 of the top ten billionaires on the list are from a company that does not believe in paying benefits for its workers. This same company used to pride itself on supporting American factories, but now it imports mostly from China. The only Americans it supports it pays minimum wage and gives no health benefits to. They should be embarassed, but instead, they point with pride to their father and his legacy.

Shouldn't there be more to business than the bottom line?

When I think about some of the great business leaders of the last century, I see men of vision, men who understood the old adage, everybody eats. Today, I see men and women who are so distanced from their employees, who only live by numbers. They import crap from companies that use deadly poison in food products (but it's cheaper) and use lead paint on kid's toys (but they were cheaper.) They kill our planet and our people while filling their pockets. Get mine, get enough, then get some more. For shame.

And this health care dilemna is just an extension of this same self-centered attitude. And, sadly, this attitude has trickled down. As long as I can get my Viagra script filled for 10 bucks, screw the person who is going to die because she doesn't have the money for her kidney meds. Some days it's hard to admit being a member of the human race.


Babchi said...

What was that name of the doctor on "Gunsmoke?" We need him. He was a great diagnostician. And he handled everything, mostly for free! How come it costs my mom $8500 a month to live with dignity in a nursing home and her health care company won't let me change the address her paperwork goes to without an updated legal document? Why do I have to pay so much to have the dentist repair my teeth? Insurance covers like what, 10%? My boss said in Ireland you have to wait 6 months for an appointment, even if you are dying. I don't live there so I expect more.