Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Hate Spam

No, not the mystery meat in a can that is favored by Hawaiians and geriatrics everywhere else. But the darn spam that comes in my email every day. And the worst is I fell for a spammer/scammer today. It just seemed to be so simple and safe.


I don't see the difference between this and stealing or harassment.

The method of is best described in a blog by Rubymoon at

"My e-mail address has been spammed! How? I was sent an e-mail with my sister in law's name..inviting me to This website is a spam website. Once you click on the yes button to verify that this person is a have to register. Then they will ask you for your e-mail address and you PASSWORD! Yes, I was foolish enough to enter it. I actually didnt think anything of it. Usually Im very careful and weary. Anyhow..there are e-mails that have a link "unsubscribe" will actually subscribe you without your consent & send you a thank you e-mail. Then I got these "Return Path" e-mails asking to verify that I wanted to update my e-mail address for Sprint Nextel. I dont even have an account with them! This e-mail had my email address from where the spam started..and wanted me to update "my account" with my yahoo email address. I kept wondering how they knew it. So please, your e-mails carefully, if you find them the slightest bit suspicious, do not click on any link. Do not even open the link on a new tab! Yes, Im that, apparently. *sigh* And once again, I am truly sorry for causing this mess. Remember ""

I don't think she will mind me borrowing her perfect explanation.