Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Verizon still sucks

Quick update: my phone is working, but it won't be correct and static free until Verizon comes through with fiber. In the meantime, I can expect the occasional 1 week interruption in service.
They advertise the new fiber network on TV a few hundred times a day. They ask me to switch and get the whole package from them, TV, DSL, and phone. Guess when they estimate I'll have fiber available?

20 freakin 10. I live in one of the largest and most wealthy counties in the country, and it will be 2 years to get phone service that isn't much better than that of some 3rd world countries?


At one time in our country, monopolies made sense. We never would have had the Transcontinental Railroad if it was totally left up to private enterprise, and anyone was allowed to build. We would have been left with dozens of RR's connecting some East Coast cities and Chicago or some other cities that were more or less towards the West. Same thing with communications systems. Cities would have hundreds of telephone poles per block, and the sun would be blocked out by the veritable spider web of wires strung between them.

But that time has passed. The infrastructure is in place. Real competition, whereby 2 or more cable companies can be in the same area, along with multiple phone companies. But, as usual, business has influence over the politicians, and, as usual, we get the fuzzy end of the lollipop.


Ruth said...

so true..