Monday, April 28, 2008

My cyber stalker

When I got this computer, I had a security program on a trial basis. I used it for a short period of time (maybe 30 days) and decided not to continue. Now, every day, like some former depraved, obsessive jilted lover, I get a popup reminding me to renew. You'd think after 8 months it would stop. It's relentless.

About once a week or so I get a note from a different service that will find all the computer problems that I have. It turns out the only two problems I have are these never ending reminders to buy the services that will prevent others like them.

I wonder if I can arrange to have the one meet the other? Sort of a cyber lonely hearts club bot dating service. Hmm.


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Kate said...

we had exactly the same problem and not only would they pop up in the most annoying way, but they slowed the computer way down. The way I fixed is that I uninstalled the software. give it a try and see if that works out for you. if you have trouble, call the beast and we can walk you through it. We feel your pain.